What did Erdogan say in Varna on March 26th? OMMAN IMPERATICE first created a UNION in Europe, while in GERMANY and FRANCE they played THE GRAPHICS and … Do not play with the NADS, it will not ….

What did Erdogan say in Varna on March 26th?
Boyko, Tusk and Juncker, do not play with the peoples, we will not forget our brothers!
„The Ottoman Empire first created a union in Europe that has lasted for centuries, not only that, we have united

our European Union with Asia, and so we first created an Eurasian Union dreamed by President Putin. We, the Ottomans, united Europe with Asia to Persia and Africa to Morocco, while in Germany and France, you were playing raffles and barons who had 100 fortified peasants! “
„In the Ottoman European Union, there was order and economic prosperity, and there was free movement of goods, capital and people from Euphrates to Casablanca and from Nile to Danube, to tell our brothers the Bulgarians, they were bad when they had churches, community centers and raised factories for burghers to dress the whole empire, or when they were driving the first aubergines from Europe to Istanbul, see what they are now in your new European Union.
The Sultan was the spiritual leader of all Muslims and the Patriarch of Christians. If Suleiman the Magnificent had conquered Italy, we would have taken the Pope to us.
„We do not accept dictates and conditions, we do not even need the money you promised to stop the migrants because we have our own national interests.“ Turkey will never give up its brothers in the Western Balkans, to whom the Europeans have brought only wars and misfortunes. I said that the Macedonians are our brothers, but our brothers are

Bosnians, Albanians and even Serbs. Our brothers are also the Cumans and Pechenees in Romania, and the Shagla and Tatars in the Crimea.
„We say to Europe, stop with your fake human rights In Turkey every woman is free to wear a burqa or not The first female member of the world in the world is a Turk, the female wife of a military pilot too Why do Europeans oppose our law against infidelity? because it applies not only to women but also to men.What human rights are they talking about when they prohibit the construction of mosques in Europe, but churches such as the Bulgarian „St. Stefan „?
NATO membership does not mean obedience, but understanding between partners. No Member State can accept other Member States as second-hand countries to which orders may be issued. Speaking that some did not receive an Ottoman slap, I mean what happened to Gallipoli during the First World War when our British allies attacked us. Europeans want to sell in Bulgaria, but they are setting us new and new conditions for EU membership.
„Turkey itself can defend its interests, we told our Western partners to stop constantly

they require us. We know well who threatens our country and the conflict in Syria. We are in a position to make independent decisions, and we will not accept instructions on who and when to be an ally and for how long. Our operation „Olive Branch“ is against terrorists, not the Kurds as a people. We do not hate the Kurds we call mountain Turks, unlike our Balkan brothers, whom we will gladly call equal Turks.
I will now say clearly to Europe. When we took the sword and blood of Constantinople, we saw what the Crusaders robbed. But how did you, the Europeans, enter the impregnable capital of Byzantium? Just one. Blatantly, lying to let you buy food and water.
Then you slaughtered the naive rumors. Are these your European values! Now, however, such a wickedness will not pass. I’m also telling my boyfriend Boyko, you Juncker and Tusk, not us

пипайте и недейте да ни давате съвети кое е добро и кое не. Не си играйте с народите, защото им докарвате само бедност, висока смъртност и обезлюдяване. Ние обаче няма да ги забравим и ще се погрижим за тях.

Извадено от Фейсбук, автор Цанко Цанев

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