ЯВАШ, ЯВАШ !!! Borisov in Varna – Yavash, Javash! This is the news of the IP meeting in Evksinograd! BORISOV attacked President RADEV, called him „GREAT“ … and BURN that … the evidence – for worry he was lying called Tusk Trumpek … UNKER – The conclusion from this meeting is the relationship Turkey – EU must continue! VIDEO

Javas, Javas! Borisov in Varna: Javas, Javas! This is the news of the IP meeting in Evksinograd! Borisov attacked President Radev, calling him ugly

predicts this meeting a Bulgarian politician, but he did not find the courage to tell him his name so as not to spoil his mood. This is the other news. He praised that he had put all the questions President Radev asked but lied. The proof is that before lying in trouble worrying Tusk with Trump, he said he met with Erdogan, Juncker and Donald Trump.
Regarding the resolution of the issues in favor of Bulgaria, it indirectly admitted that it will not happen because Turkey has made reciprocal demands and much more serious as their properties of the Muslim denomination in Bulgaria, the revival process, the rights of the Turks in Bulgaria, water management …. So do not expect anything positive from Turkey.
Juncker said the conclusion from this meeting was

Turkey-EU relations should continue. A news that shook the world.
Here’s what the actors said

Cyprus has the right to investigate its resources. It has the right to seek unification. Afrin, violence and displacement must be stopped. We rely on Turkey for humanitarian support.
Commentary – Ha, Ha, Ha, the aggressor will provide humanitarian support.

With the most heartfelt feelings, it is a pleasure to be in Varna.
But he did not say that Varna was Turkish at the time.
I met four eyes with Borisov. I hope the period of bad relations between the EU and Turkey has remained in the past. We were candidates for the EU in 1868, today we are 2018. We are waiting for 3 million euros for refugees who already have 4 million in Turkey. We hope the 3 billion euros to be sent.
We are waiting for visa liberalization for our citizens. The EU must take its own steps. We’re waiting for the customs union to do the job. Terrorism is a target for Turkey for many terrorist organizers. We have destroyed 3000 terrorists, we expect strong support, not criticism. We respect human rights. The EU does not have a fair approach. Today, we gave the EU a lot of information on terrorism.

We spent 1.8 billion on refugees and there should be no doubt about the EU’s commitment to Turkey for the remaining 3 billion. I am a bit bit angry about relations with Turkey. Negotiations with Turkey will continue, I am a guarantor. Turkey needs to improve its relations with EU member states, talk about Cyprus and Greece. It was an unacceptable act. As for the attempted coup, we immediately came out with a communique. We condemned this attempted coup. The detention of journalists and two Greek border guards should stop. So far I will stop because my leg hurts. The outcome of this meeting is Turkey-EU relations. As far as the fight against terrorism is concerned, we trust Turkey, but this struggle must be regulated.


The name of Varna taught him all over the world. I have fulfilled Tsipras’ request to raise the issue of the two border guards. I put all the questions in front of Erdogan, which I wanted to ask. Their claims are not less – taxes, pensions, the renaissance process, their properties of the Muslim denomination, water management … The meeting was ugly determined by a Bulgarian politician, but we will not spoil our mood now.

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